Paying It Forward…

Just a quick thought to anyone within the reach of my keyboard:

It is better to give than to receive (Acts 20:35)

Do you know somebody whose health is in danger due to obesity?  How about a friend who can’t get out and play with their children after school?  I was headed down that path myself, just 3 months ago.  As I enter my last recovery week of P90X, I find myself looking around for ways to make MY journey the norm, and not the exception.  I suggest, with all due respect, that you HAVEN’T told everyone you can about the amazing opportunity we have each and every day to rebuild our bodies into something less “Fat American” and more “Proud Father” or “Proud Mother.”

With that in mind, I am linking you to a FREE streaming “One-on-One” workout.  Tony really shows who he is in this workout, taking a big guy through the first steps to fitness.  I’d like to encourage you to share this page with anyone you know who might benefit from it.  Try, “Hey – I’ve been doing this Beachbody workout for a few weeks, and I came across this FREE workout.  All you need to do is put some shoes on, blow the movie up full screen, and start sweating!  I’d love to share what I’m going through with somebody else, and I thought this might get you excited enough to join up with me in this thing!”

Be Blessed,


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