P90-XL: Reflections

With 90 days in the bag, I’m thinking about some stuff… stuff you might not have thought about… so here we go:

– 3 Months goes by fast – REALLY fast. I am amazed and proud of my wife, myself, and anyone who commits to it. That said, by the 3rd week, I was HOOKED. I knew I would work longer and harder than originally planned. 3 months, or for some 3 weeks, is enough to change your lifestyle.

– Nutrition is a pain in the butt. There – I said it. I quit smoking easier than I changed my eating habits. However, it MUST be done. We all must be health experts and advocates in order to survive the “X.” I’m talking, read something every day – a good blog, a good forum, a good book or journal or magazine or SOMETHING to keep programming your mind, since the world does not stop trying to influence you BACK to your former ways.

– You need support. That’s why I started P90-XL over at Beachbody’s forums, and the genesis of THIS site came from… I knew “bigs” like me would very quickly get frustrated at the belly getting their way, or their inability to do yoga or pull-ups. You need to surround yourself with a safety net of folks who KNOW what you’re going through. Folks who’ll make quitting a non-option. Folks who will tell you with loving honesty to “suck it up” and give advice on how to push through!!!

I love P90-XL.com for many reasons, but one of the biggies is that it reminds me of several people who were instrumental in my being here, typing this on day 90: My coach Joel who thought it was a good idea; my dear friend Regina, who inspires me daily; and my good buddy Josh Koop, whose expertise made the thing come together, and who continually shows the heart of a warrior-father, fighting for his family and the dad they need.

I’m feeling nostalgic, and a bit emotional. My wife and I briefly cried this morning, realizing that for the first time since we were married 8 years ago, we believe that we can do anything… and doing it with/for each other is the coolest thing that’s happened since December, 2008, when my beautiful son was born.

Bring it, BIGZ!


  1. You rock. I started P90X on 8/9 and have been a daily lurker on the XL thread. Congratulations and thanks so much for the inspiration

    • Maxine!!! Quit lurkin’ πŸ™‚ J/k – I’m pumped that you’re starting this journey towards the real, healthy you that’s inside there. Keep me updated, ok?

  2. Congratulations Matt! You may have created the P90XL thread to inspire yourself and share your experience but what you did was inspire and assist so many others. Thank you for your leadership and unselfishness! You made it feel comfortable to feel uncomfortable while experiencing the P90X journey.

    Good luck with your next round!


  3. Glenda Garwood

    I’m so proud of you son!

  4. Congrats man on 90! I know it must feel good, closing in slowly and surely myself. Can’t wait to hear how Insane you get next!

  5. Fran (FlyersGirl)

    Congratulations on conquering round 1!
    I could not have made it to this point without your support & encouragement and I want to thank you for that. In the process of changing your life you are also helping others change theirs.

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