Getting Back on the Horse – For Backsliders

Honesty time. I’ve accomplished not one but TWO body overhauls in the last two+ years. From a high of 280 or so down to 219 using P90X, Chalean Extreme, Insanity, Asylum, P90X2, and Shakeology combined with better eating. I was, and am, very proud of that fact.  In the pic to the left, you can see my first day of P90X, my SKINNY dude post-Asylum pic, and at the bottom, my P90X2 halfway point.  Things were cooking.


I got injured during P90X2 (a cumulative stress injury to my Achilles tendon) and had to modify my workouts around the injury. That injury nagged at me – remember I’m used to high-intensity jumping, running, etc. Within a few weeks, I was so frustrated I abandoned the third phase of the program, created my own hodge-podge plan and focused on upper-body strength. I quickly hit new personal bests in pullups (max 20 in a set!) but I neglected my diet along the way. The result was a version of me that was stronger than I’d ever been, but I also put on weight, reaching a high of 242 before turning it around. Ugh.

I don’t really know when I decided to take a break from the good eating principles I had learned, but I DID. Combine that with basically zero cardio, a feel-sorry-for-myself work ethic, and you get where I found myself: going backwards.

After discovering The Primal Blueprint on the advice of a few ripped friends, everything changed. My diet started transitioning towards whole foods, kicked out most grains & added sugar. I took sunlight exposure and rest more seriously.  Found a style of working out that allows me to work around my injury, and three months later I’m a new man. Back in my 220’s and not “too skinny” (which is how my wife described me post-Asylum.)  Note: none of this stuff was really “new” to me… but having a new approach helped me a TON.  I’m eternally grateful for Mark Sisson and his work. 

Nowadays, I’m gearing up for my next program, Les Mills’ Combat – pre-ordering that bad boy next month from my friends at Beachbody. I’ve got a body that can handle it, and a driving desire to continue on this path.  I’m working daily on bodyweight calisthenics and regaining the strength I once had while avoiding extra stress on my now-slightly-wimpy right ankle.

What can you take away from my story? Well, I hope you see two big things:

You can begin anew if you have become a backslider like me. Don’t give up – rethink your plan, focus on nutrition, try something NEW.  I am a habitual, consistent “lab rat” when it comes to my fitness and nutrition.  I’ve tried almost every Beachbody workout there is, as well as a number of non-Beachbody ones.  I’d be glad to tell you about any of them, including helping you find one for your needs.
Be patient. You slowly undid your progress, and it’ll take a similar amount of time to set things straight.  What you CAN do might not be what you WANT to do, but let your body heal, gain strength and flexibility, and then you can try what you WANT to do.  P90X might be beyond your ability right now, but one of the reasons I LOVE my company is that Beachbody has programs (of the highest quality) for everyone.  I’ll be your coach, cheerleader, drill sergeant, or friend throughout your journey.  You can see I’ve been on a few myself.  Contact me and let’s not wait another day. 

To a healthier and more fulfilling life! 



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