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I know it can be daunting to look at the huge variety of options out there in home fitness… Everybody has a “winner” on their hands, and it’s hard to sift through it all. Well, I want to help with that 🙂

I’ll use 4 categories here: Newcomer, Striver, Expert, and Specialist.

  1. Newcomers are either new to working out or have taken a loooooong break.  They need a structured approach to fitness – one that won’t overtax their body to the point of injury.
  2. Strivers are people with some athletic ability but need structure and a physical “overhaul.”  They need a program that challenges them and pushes them out of their comfort zone towards the next level.
  3. Experts are people who are either graduates of one of our more intense programs, or the “natural athletes” among us.  They crave a challenge and are physically capable of committing to an extreme training regimen.
  4. Specialists are people who have one particular goal in mind for their training – a trouble area of the body or a sport-specific goal, for example.  They need a program that focuses on their particular needs.

Coach Matt Recommends:

  • Shakeology More than anything on this list, I recommend Shakeology.  I know from personal experience that it works to help you control cravings, lose weight, boost your energy, help w/ digestion (especially on a high-protein diet a la P90X!) and more.  It replaces a meal, a multi-vitamin, and like ten trips to the salad bar.  Believe me – at any stage of the game, Shakeology should be a part of your life, if you’re serious about your health and fitness.  Recommended for ALL levels: if you’re a Newcomer losing weight, a Striver who’s looking to accelerate their results, or an Expert/Specialist trying to stay healthy during long grueling training programs… you need Shakeology.
  • Results & Recovery FormulaRecommended for anyone doing a Striver-level workout or higher. If you’re draining your body’s resources in P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, etc you NEED to refuel in that critical period post-workout.  Reduce soreness, replenish your nutrients, and recover so you can go hard the next day.  *Also available in single-serving packets
  • P90XThis is the workout that changed my life.  It’s comprehensive, it’s CRAZY tough, and it will put you in a whole new level of fitness.  Get ready for chin-ups, push-ups, dumbbell curls, squats, jumping, yoga, a little gem known as “Ab Ripper X,” and more.  Suitable for Strivers and Experts.    If you’re willing to modify the program pretty significantly, Newcomers are absolutely able to do it… just watch out for all the high-impact and body-weight moves if you’re obese.  I have people as big as 480 lbs doing this program right now, and they’re all seeing great results!
  • P90X2 – This is how the pros train.  It’s not bodybuilding for aesthetics sake, but rather training for PERFORMANCE.  X2 is often described by my friends as “P90X… on one leg.”  The element of instability is really played up here.  Every single move is a core move, basically.  You won’t do a billion situps, but you’ll hit your core HARD every single day, by planking on medicine balls, or doing four ball pushups… Yeah.  those are real.  I still incorporate the PAP workouts and Ab Ripper X2 into my daily training.  Those workouts are the best!
  • P90X3 – THIS IS NOT A “SEQUEL” TO P90X2!!! This is everything we loved about P90X and X2… in 30 minute chunks.  I haven’t done this one yet (it just got released) but my good friend and my personal coach Joel is in the cast.  He’s hardcore, so I can’t wait to see what this brings to the table!
  • Insanity: The ASYLUMThis is tied w/ P90X as my favorite workout of all time (and at 30 days, it’s a QUICK results program!)  Get ready for sports-performance training.  NFL-style agility drills, baseball, soccer, track & field, wrestling, swimming, and more!  Such a FUN program!  Not a single crunch in the whole program, and yet this has given my abs the best results of everything I’ve done so far.  Suitable for Experts and Specialists.  Not sure about something at this level?  Go with Insanity or P90X – you’ll be prepared for The ASYLUM as soon as you’re done!


  • Les Mills COMBAT – Absolutely amazing.  Mixed martial-arts training for the masses.  Short on time, scalable from Newcomers to Specialists!  It requires no equipment except for some dumbbells once or twice per week.  It’s going to reshape your core and melt body fat like you didn’t believe possible.  Trust me – it’s made me achieve lower body fat, better abs, better balance, stronger legs, better flexibility… It’s also the most FUN workout I think we offer (unless dance is your thing… then Turbo-Fire or Brazil Butt-Lift or Hip-Hop Abs is where you should look…)  EPIC WIN on this one.


  • ChaLEAN ExtremeThis workout gave me AMAZING results.  I used this as my follow-up workout to P90X.  It’s shorter on time, but incredibly intense.  With a focus on SLOW weight lifting (3 days per week) and high-intensity cardio in between resistance days, you’ll build muscle and raise your metabolism.  “Muscle Burns Fat!” is more than a tagline – it’s true!  Suitable for Newcomers and Strivers.  Also makes a great “off-season” workout after P90X or Insanity, Experts… that’s what I did and I built MAJOR muscle.  Thanks ChaLEAN!
  • InsanityThis program is the single best way to improve your cardio that I know of.  Bar-none.  Recommended for Strivers (who are willing to follow their own pace at first) and ExpertsSpecialists, with sports-goals such as running, basketball, soccer, etc. will see their speed and agility improve DRASTICALLY.  I have.  HIGHLY recommended, folks!
  • Turbo FireI’ll be honest with ya – Turbo Fire scares me! This is like Insanity for the people who don’t like Insanity 🙂  It’s every bit as tough, and a VERY different approach, so look at this one and see if you’re up for a SERIOUS challenge!  Experts – this is a CARDIO CHALLENGE the likes of which I’ve never seen. Highly recommended for those looking to burn HUGE amounts of calories and overhaul their cardiovascular system!
  • RevAbs – Welcome to the BEST ab workout on the planet!  More than that, this program will get your whole body lean and re-shaped.  Using capoeira, a Brazilian martial art and dance, RevAbs will get you lean and ripped!  I’ve done several of these workouts and stand by them 100%.  In fact, this program is next on my list, after Insanity!  I’ll be a RevAbs graduate this year!  Recommended for Strivers and Specialists.
  • Brazil Butt-Lift HIGHLY specialized program.  Perfect for those who are looking for something fun and challenging to tone their bodies.  Don’t be fooled – these are intense workouts.  Leondro Carvahol is an internationally-recognized “master” of reshaping the booty!  I recommend it for Newcomers, Strivers, and Specialists.  If your fitness needs a fun kick-start, look no further!  If you are already in great shape, but wish your midsection or legs could get a little help, this program will get the job done!
  • Kathy Smith’s Project:You! Type 2 Yes, the title’s a mouthful.  No, it’s not for everyone.  BUT!  This is a comprehensive diet and exercise program developed with diabetics in mind.  This makes it a perfect Specialist recommendation.  I have many friends and family members who struggle with this disease (and the medications they take as a result.)  Do everything you can to make sure that your diet and fitness are in order, even with diabetes, with this program!  *This program is developed with the American Diabetes Association – the only program on the market that can say that!

So there you go: something for everyone, and plenty more!  Just click “Shopping” above and find a program that’s for you.  This is just a short list of things that I recommend regularly to my clients.  Please check out the WHOLE list above!  If you need any advice or have questions BEFORE you order, please contact me! Contact Me!

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