Commit to a program – quitting is not an option.When I commit to something, it’s usually all the way.  Just ask my wife, who was pretty sure I was obsessed for 3 months straight.  You HAVE to commit – if you say you’ll “try to get in shape” you are headed for failure.  You’ve left yourself an out.  I created a no-fail environment by stocking my house with foods on the approved list of my program.  I signed up for the free membership at and posted my “before” pictures on a thread, asking folks to support me and carry me when necessary.  When nobody knows you’re trying to get in shape, quitting is a simple proposition.  When 10 or 20 folks are checking in on you, it tends to light a fire under you!

Want more?  Sign up for the Club membership at and gain access to a recipe planner, VIP access to the famous trainers, WOWY workout gym, a fitness blog to post your progress, and much more.  For about 38 bucks (for the 90 days – 2.99/week), you’ll have every possible support option, and a coach (me!) that won’t let you fail.

Commit to supplementation.  I regularly used whey protein powder, creatine, vitamins, and now Shakeology.  I was committed to making my program work for me.  Do the same – you’ll be glad you did!

Commit to the program.  Make it a priority.  Don’t miss workouts.  If you can’t do all the moves: who cares?!  Commit to your success.

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