Decide to make today a step in the right direction. At 30 years old, I shouldn’t feel this tired or out of shape.  I shouldn’t be stretching my 40″ waist “backup” fat-pants – but I was and I did.  When I finally decided to get in shape, and start ACTING like the healthy man I wanted to be, everything changed.  On May 31st, 2010 I began a journey that has changed the quality of my life in numerous ways.  It all starts with the decision – “No MORE.”

…As in, “no more excuses.”  As in, “no more sodas.”  As in, “no more waiting for someone else to workout with me, or spur me on – no more making MY health someone else’s issue.”  I decided to workout, by myself, and stick it out.  My wife took notice and got interested in the program.  She made the same decision.  WE decided to become better spouses and parents.  We said, “No MORE.”

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