About AnySizeFitness

AnySizeFitness.com was born when, after losing over 35 pounds & training my body to do things I never imagined (I’m talking to YOU, yoga!), I realized that there wasn’t any “right size” for fitness.  There were plenty of threads on the BeachBody forums when I started back in May of 2010 like “Losing those pesky 5 lbs” and “Triathlete trying to slim down”.  I created the P90-XL thread, chronicling the journey of a legitimate “BIG guy” through P90X, and it grew so fast that it was featured on the Facebook site for P90X within just 3 weeks!

This was around the same time my P90X buddy Josh Koop approached me, asking if we could start a real dedicated place on the web to just the bigger amongst us, a place for us to share in the good, bad and absolutely frustrating aspects of life as an XL.  The little things you can’t seem to do from the workouts, the extra strains and aches associated, and how achieving your fitness goals can be a longer-term process then 90 days for most “BIGZ” like us!  Josh’s tech wizardry and big heart are on every page of this website, and I am indebted to him as a generous friend and ally in the war against obesity.

Having reached my goal weight with LOTS of success helping folks of all sizes reach their goals, AnySizeFitness.com was born.  It is a place where “BIGZ” like me, skinny folks, in-between folks, etc. can find a program, nutrition, supplements, and a coach to get them to their individual goals.  There is NOBODY that is “too big” to start moving toward their new, fit self TODAY!  You are not “too skinny” to take on an extreme program like P90X and build the muscle you’ve always wanted to.  I’ve learned how, and I’d love to help you achieve your goals!

Please check out the site to learn more about the amazing home fitness programs from Beachbody, as well as their premium supplements and equipment. You’ll also find reviews, articles, Q&A, and motivation tips to support you on your way. I will be glad to answer ANY questions as you begin this amazing journey. Remember to take it a day at a time and KEEP PUSHING PLAY!

-Matt Garwood, Independent Team Beachbody Coach

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