Succeed and inspire others to follow your lead!Get the results you want, and become a catalyst of change in your world! Drop your weight and become the attractive spouse you’ve always wanted to be!  Become the “fit dad” who coaches all his son’s teams!  Become the “fit mom” who ladies stare at and whisper, “Ugh!  She must have a fast metabolism.” Inspire your family: kids don’t want to eat healthy?  Be transparent and let them see your struggles and the way you overcome them.  They’ll want to be like you, since you’ll be their hero!

A very dear friend of mine, after completing P90X, was shopping with his young son.  His son saw an action figure in the toy store, shirtless and ripped, and said, “Daddy!  He looks just like you!”

I wanted that to be my story.  I succeeded.  Sure there’s new goals now, but the feeling of finishing day 90 was surreal. I want you to feel the same feeling.  Grab your success.

Start today.

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